Your team

To provide you with outstanding personalized service, Gestion d’Achats RAM inc. has set up a five-star team capable of meeting all your needs.

A team cannot aspire to greatness if it does not have winning trainers. Our three partners are strategists who help you improve your productivity, increase your sales and realize your objectives.
The associates
Denis J. Alexandre
Marketing and Business Development Manager

Following his actuarial studies, Denis J. Alexandre created Gestion d’Achats RAM inc. in 1987.  Denis has a strong formidable marketing instinct combined with a thorough attention to detail. This visionary, who leaves nothing to chance, designs integrated solutions to make your life easier, thereby allowing you to focus completely on your professional activities.

Josiane Alexandre
Sales, Administrative and Human Resources Manager

This high-flying administrator, who is a chartered accountant, manages cash flows as well as human resources and sales. She has been with Gestion d’Achats RAM since 1990, and has facilitated the company's priority reorientation by brilliantly handling the move to office automation and computer supplies. Josiane is capable of motivating her team mates, thereby ensuring you exceptional service.

Louis Alexandre
Logistics and Internal Services manager

Louis played a major role in the computerization of the company in 1990, when he put his experience in the field and his passion for technological innovation to great use. This analysis specialist now expertly handles the procurement and distribution of supplies, allowing you to enjoy competitive prices as well as an ultra-fast delivery service.

Our three pillars could nevertheless not be as successful as they have been without being supported by a dedicated team offering you superior service.

Consultez votre équipe

Daniel Carvalho
Accounting Technician

Mihaela Ivanov
Accounting Technician

Louise Marion

Jean-François Grégoire
Purchasing Agent

Josée Berthiaume
Customer Service Representative

Hélène Bissonnette
Operations, Sales and Customer Service Coordinator

Sandra Branco
Managed Print Project Coordinator

Teresa Branco
Inside Sales Account

Julie d'Alcantara
Customer Service Representative

Nathalie Marcil
Inside Sales Account Manager

Angela Wark
Managed Print Project

Francis Cameron
Warehouse Shipping Clerk

Éric Coursol
Warehouse Shipping Clerk
Yvon Laventure
Delivery Appointee
Paul-Henri Lavertu
Warehouse Shipping Clerk